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c game suck me well

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John Romero’s Daikatana is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ion Storm for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo 64, and released in 2000. The Game Boy Color game of the same name is entirely different, being a top-down action adventure game from Japanese studio Will Co, Ltd.

Plans to release the Game Boy Color game outside of Europe were cancelled. You can help by adding to it. One element that Daikatana stressed was the important role of Hiro Miyamoto’s two sidekicks, Mikiko Ebihara and Superfly Johnson. The death of either sidekick resulted in failing the level, and their assistance was required to complete certain puzzles.

Due to poor AI implementation, the sidekicks, who were one of the game’s selling points, became a focus of criticism. In feudal Japan, two rival clans, the Ebihara and the Mishima, are at war. The Mishima go to the swordmaster Usagi Miyamoto to craft a weapon to end the conflict: the Daikatana. Inshiro Ebihara throws the sword into a volcano at the end of the war.

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